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Our Mission: Performing Arts for ALL

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We believe the performing arts are essential.

Our Core Values


ASF-NGO believes the performing arts extend beyond the stage into areas of war, conflict, and humanitarian crisis.


We believe collaboration builds community. We treasure the act of coming together as sacred and we prioritize teamwork. We work to facilitate collaborations with partners, individuals, churches, refugee camps, and more in order to provide the greatest and most efficient performing arts outreach.



We believe it takes courage to serve the courageous. Our team pledges to reciprocate the strength, bravery, and fortitude presented by the millions of individuals displaced and uprooted from their homes in times of war, conflict, and crisis.



From the ability to facilitate unexpected surprises to surpassing the anticipated or expected, we value the product of creative thinking and prioritize its use in all aspects of our organization, be they administrative strategies or in-the-field outreach.



We hold ourselves at the highest standards of excellence which require accountability, honesty, and competency at all times - not only to the individuals we serve, but also to each other and our team, to our mission, to our donors, and to the public. Our relationships are founded and fostered on trust, loyalty, and following through on every commitment.



Disrespect is not tolerated; we respect the needs, values, and traditions of the individuals, communities, and cultures we serve. ASF-NGO recognizes that our success depends on the active involvement of individuals and partners whose livelihoods are linked to the geographic areas in which we seek to provide outreach.



This is not a performance. We aim to be open, honest, and forward about all aspects of our organization from administration to on-the-ground operations.

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